Pennington® has a passion for growth. It shows through a multitude of products created, so you can make your lawn into whatever you want it to be. Every bag of product by Pennington® is backed by years of research and testing. Our goal is to provide a quality product that changes what you expect from your lawn and garden.


Ironite® Plus Lawn & Plant Food

Contains essential primary, secondary and micronutrients for strong roots and lush, green growth.

Ironite® Mineral Supplement

Ironite granules are a mineral supplement and contain soluble iron, giving your plants a quick greening.

Ironite® Plus Lawn & Garden Spray

A hose-attachment sprayer for greening up shrubs, trees and flowers.

Ironite® Plus Liquid Plant & Flower Food

Liquid concentrate that promotes vigorous root growth and produces vibrant colors and lush foliage.